New strategic platform for Bemz, by BLINK, a design agency based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Bemz, the Swedish company that sells tailor-made covers for IKEA furniture, turned to Blink to take the next step for its brand, identity and offer. They wanted to move from the Swedish start-up it was to the international online design authority it could become.


BLINK developed a new strategic platform for Bemz focusing on becoming a design company not an online retailer.


The design company deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design history that helps create individual styles for unique homes – with sustainability at the heart of the whole offering.


Enhanced service offering, new visual identity and omnichannel service design rolled out to 35 countries – main markets being France, Germany, Sweden and the UK.

New graphic identity by BLINK
Folder design and graphic identity, by BLINK
The Bemz Design Award by BLINK
Graphic design, by BLINK
Graphic design, by BLINK
Sample folder and graphic design, by BLINK
Website and strategic platform, by BLINK