The Wallenberg Family


The Wallenberg family has actively worked in the service of enterprise and research in Sweden, and internationally ever since André Oscar Wallenberg founded Stockholms Enskilda Bank (today SEB) in 1856. Today, members of the fifth generation are leading the family’s activities. In an increasingly complex world that is moving at greater speed, it is becoming more and more important for the Wallenberg Family to communicate the principles on which its work is based.


BLINK assisted the Wallenberg family in finding a way to package and communicate the family’s role in a new channel and concept - a way to express their views and widen the image from simply owning companies to highlighting all the research the family supports. The credo, “Esse non videri”, was central here. It has long been associated with the family but also widely misinterpreted. It means “to act, not to seem to be”, and not at all that you want to be invisible or non-transparent.


For the first time in history, a communication channel for the Wallenberg family was developed. A new website where the family's views on their activities are gathered, the family’s core values and guiding principles are formulated and presented. One of the main insights in the project is that there is a need for an overview of "The Wallenberg Cycle" – explaining that profits from the family’s holdings enable the Wallenberg Foundations to distribute over SEK 2 billion annually for research and education in Sweden.


BLINK created a new platform and visual identity for the Wallenberg family in close cooperation with the Wallenberg cousins. The new website gives an overview of the family's guiding principles, their view on board work, the history and short presentations of the family representatives. Brochures and printed materials, now in their second edition, were produced and were very well received by stakeholders globally.