Pause Ljud & Bild

Pause ljud & bild premium retail Stockholm


Pause Ljud & Bild is a high-end audio retailer. Category killers like MediaMarkt are offering wide range at discount prices, which is making one after one of the middle market retailers go belly up. Still there is a category opportunity in service excellence and super premium retailing. The opportunity for Pause is to focus on the “do it for me”- client with high demands on quality and design.


Going from selling high-end products, to selling super premium services and solutions for sound and image. This implicates redesigning the actual selling ritual into a bespoke one-to-one experience.


"The Gold Room" – a private demo area for bespoke consultation and design of sound and image solutions.


Pause Ljud & Bild has repositioned itself as the leading high-end retailer in sound and image. The Gold Room and the new way of selling bespoke solutions is strongly contributing to the success.

Premium retail Stockholm by BLINK
Premium retail Stockholm