A tablet showing the new brand platform by Blink


Vectura is Patricia Industries', a part of Investor AB, real estate company. Vectura owns and develops real estate in three sectors: the community service, office and hotel sectors. Some of the customers are Aleris, Grand Hôtel and Investor AB. Vectura is different from most of the competition in the real estate market. However, this was not communicated – so they asked BLINK to help them build the brand and tell the story about them.


Vectura is a long-term, no-exit, real estate company. Instead of looking for quick profits, They focuses on long-term profitability and growth, healthy and mutually benifical relationships to its customers, sustainability and quality. Vectura needed to package and communicate its offering, its values and vision “to create innovative real estate solutions that develop our tenants’ businesses.”


The Vectura story is built around relationships. It is not about an owner and a tenant – it is a mutually beneficial relationship that develops both parties’ businesses and creates long-term value. The story is now centered around being a real estate partner, not an owner. This partnership role is further highlighted as Vectura clearly takes an active, partner role rather than a passive ownership role.


BLINK created the brand platform, visual identity, logotype, the website and other presentation material. The re-packaging has helped facilitate Vectura’s continued expansion in the real estate market.

The new visual identity by Blink
A brochure in the new visual identity by Blink
A lap top showing the new brand platform
A brochure in the new visual identity